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Actors with Awesome Names!


Many actors change their names, but some are born with wonderful names! In my latest name YouTube video, I talked these actors who were born with awesome names:


You can hear more about those names here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lg8_QZcLzY

Naturally, I couldn’t limit myself to just 20 stars with great names! So, here are a few more Hollywood name gems:

Avril Lavinge
Born Avril Ramona Lavinge. Both Avril and Ramona are two cool names that are sorely underused in the U.S. Neither are in the top 1,000. Avril’s siblings are Michelle and Matthew.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum
Channing and Tatum, two interesting names. Channing’s middle name is Matthew.

Heath Ledger
The late Heath Ledger definitely had a cool, strong name. I could see his surname, Ledger gain popularity in the coming years.

Judd Nelson
Judd was born Judd Asher Nelson in 1959. Doesn’t Judd Asher sound like a modern combination? I could easily see this name used on a baby born today.

Liv Tyler
I love the name Liv. Feminine, simple, and strong. Liv has three half-siblings; Mia, Chelsea, and Taj.

Muse Watson
Perfect name for an actor! The name Muse Watson is definitely a show stopper.

Neve Campbell
Neve’s first name is her mother, Marnie (Neve) Campbell’s maiden name.

Pharrell Williams
His name is even more memorable than his hat ;). Pharrell’s father has an iconic name as well, Pharaoh William.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson
Full name Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson. I definitely thought Rebel was just a stage name!

Ricki Lake
With a name like Ricki you have to wonder what she named her own kids. Ricki’s sons are Milo Sebastian & Owen Tyler.

Saffron Burrows
How could I not include this cool spice name on this list? I think the flow is really cool with her surname as well.

Sela Ward
Sela is just different enough where you wouldn’t hear it often, yet maintains a sweet softness making it unusual but usable.

Soleil Moon Frye
Clearly her parents were namers! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Soleil and husband Jason Goldberg have tree children; Poet Sienna Rose (g), Jagger Joseph Blue (g), and Lyric Sonny Roads (b).

Titus Welliver
Titus is a name I’ve seen buzzing around blogs and forums lately. Quite a bold &  striking combination.

Sisters Vera & Taissa Farmiga

Sisters Vera & Taissa Farmiga

Vera & Taissa Farmiga
These famous sisters both have cool names. Born of Ukranian parents, their siblings are named Victor, Stephan, Nadia, Alexander, and Laryssa.

Viola Davis
Ready for a family of great names? Viola is married to Julian Tennon and together they have a daughter named Genesis. Pretty cool, huh?

That’s all folks!

Names of the Week – Ronan & Hadley


This weeks names are: Ronan & Hadley

Ronan Farrow

Ronan Farrow

Ronan is a handsome Irish name  with a rich legend and strong sound.  The meaning of Ronan is “little seal”, you can hear more about the legend around the meaning in my video below. Ronan is currently #434 in popularity in the United States.

If you like the name Ronan, you might also like some of these delightful Irish names –

Rafferty, Reilly, Ruari (Rory), Riordan, Rowan, Regan, Rooney, Redmond, and Rian (Ryan).

Dr. Remy Hadley from House

Dr. Remy Hadley
from House

Hadley is an English unisex name meaning “heather field”.  Hadley has leaped in popularity recently, it is currently dominated by the girls at spot #111 while not in the top 1,000 for boys in the U.S.

If you like the name Hadley, you might also like some of  these spunky names –

Hattie, Bailey, Avery, Sadie, Everly, Malley, Hailey, Kaley, Aubrey, or Lacey.

Hear more about these names in the video below:

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! ~Meagan

Names from A Little Princess


“Everything’s a story – You are a story – I am a story.”
Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess

Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote two of my favorite childhood novels, saracA Little Princess and The Secret Garden. (You can read my post about names from The Secret Garden here https://tulipbyanyname.com/2014/04/06/the-secret-garden-character-names/). Originally published in 1905, A Little Princess is a classic tale with beautiful names. I’ve been quite nostalgic lately and many names that I am loving come from the stories that illuminated my childhood. So, let’s explore just a few of the names from this timeless story!

Sara – You can’t help but love, relate to, and feel for sweet Sara lppCrewe. After watching the Shirley Temple film version of this story, I changed the spelling of one of my dolls names from Sarah to Sara. Either way you spell it, Sara is a timeless Hebrew name that very fittingly means “Princess”. Last year Sara was number 154 in popularity in the United States. Most popular in the 1970’s-1990’s, Sara has never been lower than #157 in the charts. In a sea of modern invented names, there is something sweet about this enduring little name.

Emily – I had a doll named Sara and Sara Crewe had a doll named Emily. Emily comes from the name Emil meaning “rival”. Emily is currently number 7 in popularity and has been a top 10 name for girls in the U.S. since 1991. It’s not surprising to me that Emily is so popular. It has a sweet, familiar sound and wonderful literary ties to amazing women like Emily Dickinson and Emily Brontë.carriage

Ermengarde – Yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful. Yes, it sounds similar to the popular “ermahgerd” meme. Still, I must confess I think that this name is a whole lot of fun! Ermengarde is on of my favorite “guilty pleasure” names. It’s grand, it’s fun to say, and it always reminds me of A Little Princess. Ermengarde is a German name meaning “universal protection”. As nostalgic as this name is for me, I don’t know that it’s quite ready for a comeback.

Lottie – The name Charlotte is quickly rising in the charts. Lottie is a diminutive name that comes from Charlotte meaning “free man”. I think Lottie is so precious! It also reminds me of The Phantom of the Opera. Lottie has a sweet, vintage, old-timey charm to it. It is by far my favorite nickname for Charlotte.

Becky – Another diminutive name, Becky comes from lpneighborRebecca/Rebekah, which is a Hebrew name meaning “servant of God”. Becky has a sweet-as-apple-pie, wholesome sound. A few other literary Becky’s include Becky Thatcher from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair.

Lavinia – Lavinia has a distinctively feminine, elegant, Victorian vibe. A striking Latin name meaning “from Lavinium”, Lavinia has not been in the top 1,000 since 1929. With the rise of other vintage beauties like Olivia and Violet, I’d love to see Lavinia come into fashion.

“All women are princesses , it is our right.”
Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess

Delight in your inner Princess/Prince!

Announcement + Names of The Week – Cassius & Vanessa


Special Announcement!!

I’m very excited to share that I’m now a
Berry Juice Contributor on Nameberry.com!

You can read my first article about Butterfly Baby Names here:

This weeks names are:
Cassius & Vanessa

Cassius and Vanessa are both types of butterflies! Click the link above to read more about their butterfly connection as well as other butterfly baby names!

The band Cassius

The band Cassius

Cassius is Latin, an old Roman family name meaning “hollow”. Cassius is currently #760 in popularity here in the United States. I’ve never met a Cassius, but it is a name I see buzzing around a lot on baby name forums and blogs. I think of Cassius as a baby-name-lover’s name. The most common pronunciations are KAS-ee-əs and KASH-əs.


Vanessa Huxtable

Vanessa Huxtable

Vanessa is a literary name invented by Jonathan Swift. Swift’s inspiration for this name came from Esther Vanhomrigh. He combined “Van”, from Vanhomrigh, with “Essa” from Esther to create Vanessa. Vanessa is fairly popular in the U.S. at #150. There are many actresses and characters that bear this name. As an 80’s baby, I always think of The Cosby Show character Vanessa Huxtable when I hear this name.

You can hear more about these names, as well as middle name ideas for them in the video below:

Special thanks to Nameberry.com
And huge thanks to my wonderful Mom & my sweet boyfriend for their encouragement and support this week as I embark on new name adventures!

Baby Name Blogger Shout Out!


Five Baby Name Blogs I think you should check out!

Links to the blogs I mentioned:

Name News http://www.scoop.it/t/name-news

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Instagram – @namesdaily

The Art of Naming http://www.theartofnaming.com/
Instagram – @theartofnaming

Waltzing more than Matilda http://waltzingmorethanmatilda.com/

Happy Reading 🙂
~ Meagan

Names of The Week – Hope & Rafferty


This weeks names are:
Hope & Rafferty

Hope Solo

Hope Solo

Hope is one of my favorite virtue names.  I love the meaning and the sound.  There is something sweet and wholesome about Hope. Esperanza and Imeda are two beautiful and exotic names that mean “hope”.  Hope was a favorite among Puritans.  Double barrel combinations like Hopewell, Hopestill, Hopeful were also Puritan name choices. Hope Solo is an Olympic gold medalist for the US women’s soccer team.

Rafferty Law son of Jude Law

Rafferty Law
son of Jude Law

Rafferty is derived from the old Irish surname ÓRaifeartaigh, Ó Rabhartaigh, or Ó Robhartaigh, meaning “wealthy or prosperous”.  Much more common as a last name than a first name, Rafferty has a wonderful rich & hardy Irish feel. I adore the nicknames Rafe or Raff for Rafferty. Rafferty Jellicoe Law is the handsome son of Jude Law and Sadie Frost.

Hear more about these names in the video below:

Keep calm and name on!

Royal Baby Name Predictions


A little Prince or Princess is on the way! The whole world will be watching and guessing what he or she will be named. Last week I asked my instagram followers (you can follow me @tulipbyanyname) what their names predictions were.  Here were the guesses:

Princess Name Predictions:

Big Brother to be!

Big Brother to be!

Charlotte 5
Diana 5
Eleanor 3
Elizabeth 8
Ruby 2
Victoria 3

Prince Name Predictions:

Royal Family

Royal Family

Albert 4
Arthur 4
Charles 3
Edward 5
Henry 3
James 5
Philip 3
William 3

* the above predictions include middle name guesses
* the number next to the name indicates how many times that name was guessed

I found these name predictions were really interesting!

Elizabeth, Diana, and Charlotte were the front runners for a future Princess. James and Edward took the lead in future Prince Predictions.

My Predictions

Princess : Victoria
I do think that Elizabeth will be a middle name.

Prince : Albert
I think that James has strong chance of being a middle name.

What are your royal name predictions?