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Elven Baby Names


Some beautiful names with an Elven vibe!

A Greek name meaning most holy, Ariadne currently ranks at Number 773. Mythological names lend themselves to the Elven sound as does the spunky nickname Ari.

Eirlys, like many Welsh names, has a mystical fairy-like sound. Eirlys even means snowdrop, which would make for a great Elven surname.

Eirwen is another gorgeous Welsh name, this one is a form of Welsh coinage. Eira, which made my video list could be a charming nickname for Eirwen.

Fauna was the name of one of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty, perhaps that’s why this Latin name gives my a mystical vibe. Fauna refers to the animals in a specific area, perfect for a woodland Elf.

If Fauna had a sister, she’d probably be Gaia. Gaia is a Greek name meaning mother earth that brings about imagery of lush green lands.

The Irish Orlaith (pronounced Orla) is relatively undiscovered in the United States. Orlaith means golden princess, the perfect fit for Elven royalty.

There is something so sweet about the French Sylvie, and much more youthful than the Latin Sylvia which she stems from. Sylvie means from the forest, perhaps the best fitting meaning to name match up on this list. Sylvie ranks at Number 993.

I’ve met a cat or two named Twila, and indeed it seems equally suited for a furry friend of pointy eared elf. Twila is of English origins and means woven with double thread.

Rue has a very whimsical feel, though it means regret. English from a Greek name, Rue was the lovable character in The Hunger Games.

A rarely used flower name, Zinnia gets extra credit for starting with the zesty initial Z. Many flower and nature names could easily fit this category!

Hear my chat about 10 more great Elven inspired names in my latest video:

Mermaid Baby Names


Mermaids are my favorite mythological creatures. In my latest YouTube video, which I’ll link at the end of this article, I talked about 10 beautiful names that would be fitting for a mermaid. Today I thought we’d explore 10 more mermaid inspired names for your aqua baby.

Let’s begin with the exotic yet beautiful Aerwyna, pronounced ER-Wih-NAH. Tolkien fans will recognize this as an Elven name. Aerwyna has English roots meaning friend of the sea, the perfect meaning for a mermaid!

How can we not talk about Ariel? The wide-eyed, red-headed Disney mermaid from Little Mermaid is perhaps one of the most recognizable mermaids. Ariel is a unisex Hebrew name meaning Lion of God. Shakespeare used the name Ariel for the spirit in his play The Tempest. Ariel currently ranks at Number 140.

Most Hawaiian names could easily fit this category. Kailani is a beautiful exotic yet accessible choice meanings sky, heavens and sea. Kailani is currently number 754 in popularity, the most popular it has ever ranked. The nicknames Kai and Lani definitely make this name all the more appealing.

Daryl Hannah played the mermaid Madison in the 1980s film Splash. Madison has been wildly popular since and has been a Top 20 name since 1996. Currently Number 15 in popularity, Madison is actually a lot more popular when you add up the multiple spelling variations.

My love of mermaids and of Irish mythology come together in the name Muirgen, a Gaelic name (pronounced mur-in) meaning born of the sea. According to Irish legend, Muirgen was a woman who was transformed into a mermaid for 300 years but returned to her human form after being baptized.

Muriel is a melodic Irish name meaning bright sea. Muriel peaked in 1922 and hasn’t been in the Top 1,000 since 1964. Muriel may remind you of the film Muriel’s Wedding or of Muriel Stacy, Anne Shirley’s beloved teacher in the Anne of Green Gables series.

Nerida has a very familiar sound though it is quite uncommon. Nerida may have Greek roots meaning sea nymph or Australian ties meaning water lily. Both origins of Nerida make it a suitable name for a woman with fins and a watery home.

Ondine is a stunning Latin name from the French Undine meaning wave. Ondine is the name of a mythical water spirit, a story that was adapted into the 2009 film Ondine. Sleek and mysterious Ondine is a mix of soft and bold.

Word names are all the rage and so beach-going parents may consider Shell.  A cool way to honor a Shelly, Shell has a more modern feel. Shell is also similar to author Shel Silverstein which would make a fun namesake connection.

Waverly is one of my favorite names to say. Melodic and whimsical, Waverly has the word wave right in it, perfect for a mermaid! An English name meaning meadow of quivering aspens, I think Waverly will be the next Everly.

What are your favorite mermaid names? Hear me chat about 10 more magical mermaid names:

Melodic Names


I love a feminine, grand, melodic name. In my latest YouTube video I shared 15 lovely lyrical names. But who can limit themselves to just 15 names? Certainly not this name nerd! So here are a few more names that fit in this delightful category.

Anastella – This lovely smush of Ana + Stella = the ultimate fairytale princess name.
Arabella – Move over Isabella.  Arabella is a refreshing choice with a similar and equally beautiful sound.
Aurora – Although many of these names are worthy of a Princess, Aurora is the name of an actual Disney Princess! It’s also one of my personal favorites.
Catalina – An island off the coast of California, a salad dressing, and pretty name that could easily be used to honor someone named Catherine.
Cordelia – I fell head-over-heels in love with this name while reading the Anne of Green Gables novels. Cordelia is so glorious and lends itself to delightful nicknames like Cora and Delia.
Eleanora – This grandiose name just seems to rolls off the tongue.  It’s large, lovely, and ultra-feminine.
Elena – Elena isn’t as elaborate as most of the names on this list. It’s simple, sweet, and makes for a usable, melodic name choice.
Elora – Elora was the name of the cute little baby in the movie Willow.  It’s also an awesome way to honor someone named Laura.
Evelina – every other letter in Evelina is a vowel which gives this name such soft and flowy feel.
Francesca – whenever I see this name I secretly wish I had a beautiful accent to say it with.  Even with my West-Coast California accent, Francesca is a showstopper.
Gianna – Gianna dances like a wave on the tongue.  Distinctly feminine with an assessable vibe.
Helena – Pronounce it “hel-EN-uh” or “hel-AY-na”, either way it, this name is a bold and delicate mix.
Isla – A sweet little name that has been getting a lot of attention lately.  Isla sounds like a little song to me.
Katarina – A beautiful alternative or way to honor someone named Katherine.  The repeating “a” sound makes it a musical delight.
Lavinia – vowels out weigh consonants in this vintage, lady-like name.
Oliviana – Looking for an ultra-fem alternative to Olivia? Oliviana just might be the name for you!
Oriana – another name that is chalked full of vowels. Oriana has a celestial and mystical sound.
Rowena – I like that Rowena feels strong but holds a feminine grace as well.  I’d really love to see this name used more.
Tabitha – As a child I had a guinea pig that I named Princess Tabitha.  Clearly I thought then, as I do now, that Tabitha makes for the perfectly regal name.
Wilhelmina – big and beautiful, Wilhelmina is a great name to end this post on.  Say it out loud and notice how your tongue rolls and mouth opens and closes to pronounce this melodious jewel.

I’m going to cut myself off here because I could easily go on and on with names in this style. If you haven’t already watched, please check out my video on Melodic baby names here:

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