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Melodic Names


I love a feminine, grand, melodic name. In my latest YouTube video I shared 15 lovely lyrical names. But who can limit themselves to just 15 names? Certainly not this name nerd! So here are a few more names that fit in this delightful category.

Anastella – This lovely smush of Ana + Stella = the ultimate fairytale princess name.
Arabella – Move over Isabella.  Arabella is a refreshing choice with a similar and equally beautiful sound.
Aurora – Although many of these names are worthy of a Princess, Aurora is the name of an actual Disney Princess! It’s also one of my personal favorites.
Catalina – An island off the coast of California, a salad dressing, and pretty name that could easily be used to honor someone named Catherine.
Cordelia – I fell head-over-heels in love with this name while reading the Anne of Green Gables novels. Cordelia is so glorious and lends itself to delightful nicknames like Cora and Delia.
Eleanora – This grandiose name just seems to rolls off the tongue.  It’s large, lovely, and ultra-feminine.
Elena – Elena isn’t as elaborate as most of the names on this list. It’s simple, sweet, and makes for a usable, melodic name choice.
Elora – Elora was the name of the cute little baby in the movie Willow.  It’s also an awesome way to honor someone named Laura.
Evelina – every other letter in Evelina is a vowel which gives this name such soft and flowy feel.
Francesca – whenever I see this name I secretly wish I had a beautiful accent to say it with.  Even with my West-Coast California accent, Francesca is a showstopper.
Gianna – Gianna dances like a wave on the tongue.  Distinctly feminine with an assessable vibe.
Helena – Pronounce it “hel-EN-uh” or “hel-AY-na”, either way it, this name is a bold and delicate mix.
Isla – A sweet little name that has been getting a lot of attention lately.  Isla sounds like a little song to me.
Katarina – A beautiful alternative or way to honor someone named Katherine.  The repeating “a” sound makes it a musical delight.
Lavinia – vowels out weigh consonants in this vintage, lady-like name.
Oliviana – Looking for an ultra-fem alternative to Olivia? Oliviana just might be the name for you!
Oriana – another name that is chalked full of vowels. Oriana has a celestial and mystical sound.
Rowena – I like that Rowena feels strong but holds a feminine grace as well.  I’d really love to see this name used more.
Tabitha – As a child I had a guinea pig that I named Princess Tabitha.  Clearly I thought then, as I do now, that Tabitha makes for the perfectly regal name.
Wilhelmina – big and beautiful, Wilhelmina is a great name to end this post on.  Say it out loud and notice how your tongue rolls and mouth opens and closes to pronounce this melodious jewel.

I’m going to cut myself off here because I could easily go on and on with names in this style. If you haven’t already watched, please check out my video on Melodic baby names here:

Songs & Sprinkles to you!