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Marvelous Moon Names


If you’re looking for a grand celestial name you may want to take inspiration from the moons of other planets.  Moon names have great Shakespearean and mythological ties.  Let’s explore some fabulous moon names!

What are you favorite moon names?

Names of the moon


The moon has long been a symbol of romance, mystery, and change. Luna, the Italian and Spanish name for the moon, is now more popular than ever at Number 143.

Here are some other words that mean moon to consider:

Afrikaans & Dutch – Maan
Basque – Ilargia
Catalan – Lluna
Crosatian – Mjesectothemoon
Esperanto – Luno
English – Moon
French – Lune
German – Mond
Indonesian/Malay – Bulan
Italian/Spanish – Luna
Latin – Lunam
Lithuanian – Palydovas
Slovak – Mesiac
Swahili – Mwezi
Welsh – Lleuad

Also associated with the moon:

Galileo – Renaissance astronomer Galileo Galilei made numerous discoveries of the solar system through his observations. Galileo is an Italian name meaning from Galilee. A cool name for the child of a scientist, Galileo lends itself to many nicknames such as Leo, Gale, and Lee.

Crescent – A crescent moon is between a half moon and a new moon. One of the main characters in Marissa Meyer’s books The Lunar Chronicles is a young woman named Crescent “Cress”. Crescent is a French word that means growing. Crescent is an unusual but appealing name choice.

Orbit – The moon orbits the earth. An orbit is the gravitationally curved path of an object around a point in space. Orbit is definitely not a traditional name choice, though it may fit in with other two syllable names that also end in t such as Abbott, Everett, or Dermot.

Celestial – Positioned in the sky or related to outer space. A grand name meaning heavenly, you may also consider the similar sounding alternatives Celeste, Celestia, or Celestine.

“dance by the light of the moon