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Names of the Week – Shepherd & Noelle


This weeks names are: Shepherd & Noelle

Happy Hanukkah & Merry almost Christmas!
Here are two names inspired by Christmas holiday.

Shepherd – A surname and an occupational name that relates to “one that rears and tends to sheep”.  Shepherd would make for a cool choice for a baby born on or around Christmas.  Without an obvious tie to the holiday, the term shepherd, and the phrase “the Lord is my shepherd” are often used in Christianity.  The name Shepherd works for any faith or season and lends itself to the nickname, “Shep”.

Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy and Actress Noelle Beck

Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy
and Actress Noelle Beck

Noelle – Noelle has a more obvious connection to the holiday as it is a French name meaning, “Christmas”.  What could be more fitting for a little Christmas baby? People are definitely attracted to the “elle” sound in many female names right now.  Noelle could easily be shortened to the popular nicknames Elle or Ellie.  Additionally, Noelle also pairs well with many names and is well suited in the middle name spot.

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!