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Eight Great Kate’s


Wonderful Names of Characters played by Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is a skillful actress that has brought many characters to life. Here’s a look at 8 wonderful names of characters Kate has portrayed.

Juliet Hulme in Heavenly Creatures
Juliet is a name synonymous with romance. An English form of the French Juliette, meaning youthful, Juliet was first used by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. Juliet has climbed the charts in recently years, currently at Number 258 in popularity.

Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility
Marianne peaked in 1957. A French combination of the names Mary and Anne, Marianne means bitter grace. Marianne is also the National symbol of the French Republic.

Ophelia in Hamlet
Ophelia is a beautiful name best known as Hamlet’s tragic lover. A Greek name meaning help, Ophelia is also now associated with mental illness. Ophelia was last in the Top 1,000 in 1958.

Rose DeWitt Bukater/Dawson in Titanic
Rose is a timeless flower name that is beginning to rise again in popularity. Could a rose by any other name smell as sweet? There sure are many lovely names with Rose in them, from Rosalie to Rosemary.

Clementine Kruczynski in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Oh, My Darlin’ Clementine just reentered the Top 1,000 last year. A French form of the name Clement, meaning merciful, Clementine is definitely a name to watch in the coming years!

Sylvia Llewelyn Davies in Finding Neverland
Sylvia is a Latin name with the beautiful meaning, from the forest. Sylvia is just about in the middle of the Top 1,000 at number 493. It also lends itself to the charming nickname Sylvie.

Iris Simpkins in The Holiday
Iris is a beautiful purple flower name with Greek roots meaning rainbow. In Greek mythology Iris was the goddess of the rainbow. A colorful name in many ways!

Sabine De Barra in A Little Chaos
Sabine is a French and German form of Sabina meaning woman of Sabine. A smooth, feminine name that could work as an alternative to names like Isabella.

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A Rose by many a name..


It probably comes as no surprise that I’m a tulip lover, but my love of flowers goes far beyond tulips. Rose is one of my favorite classical names. It’s strong, it’s feminine, and it’s oh so sweet.

Did you know there are numerous types of roses? Here are some stunning and feminine names of roses that may work as an alternative to the name Rose, or as a way to honor a Rose in your life:

Victoriana – let’s start with a showstopper! Victoriana is a Floribunda rose with a yellow center that deepens into a burnt orange color. Victoriana is a variation of the name Victoria, meaning “victory”.

Cornelia – is a hybrid musk shrub full of numerous tiny rosettes bunched together. They come in a rich pink color with golden-copper centers. Cornelia is a feminization of the Latin name Cornelius, meaning “horn”.

Albertine – a rounded salmon-pink rose. Albertine is a French femininzaion and variation of the name Albert, meaning “noble and bright”

Felicia – many types of flowers share this name. The Felicia rose is a hybrid musk that produces light pink to yellow-orange flowers. Felicia is a Latin name that means “lucky”.rosie

Jacqueline – The Jacqueline du Pre is a beautiful rose with off white scalloped petals and a deep red center. Jacqueline is a French feminization of the name Jacques, meaning “supplanter”.

Gloriana – Gloriana is a lovely climbing miniature rose that is a vibrant purple-pink color. Gloriana is a variation of the Latin name Gloria, meaning “glory”.

Elina – a precious hybrid tea rose that has ivory flowers with deep yellow centers. Elina is a variation of the name Helen, meaning “bright, shining one”.

Louise – the Louise Odier is a bourbon rose with pink and lilac tones. Louise is a feminization of the name Louis, meaning “renowned warrior”.

Or if you’re looking for a name with Rose in it, you might want to try one of these…


… my favorite is the simple, elegant Rose.


take some time to smell the flowers