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Same name, Different country: Lucy, Oliver, Monica, & Stephen

“Same name, Different country” is a little series I’ll be doing periodically exploring international versions of names. I love looking up names and reading about their counterparts in different languages. This is also a really nice way to use a name to honor someone without using the exact same name – for example, using Katia to honor a Katherine.

Today’s names are – Lucy, Oliver, Monica, and Stephen.


Lucy is an English name and a feminine form of the Latin name, Lucius.
Lucy is currently #66 in the United States and means “light”.

A few variations of Lucy include:
Lleucu – Welsh
Luca – Croatian & Hungarian
Luce – French & Italian
Lucia – Ancient Roman, Danish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovak, & Sweedish
Lúcia – Portuguese
Lucie – Czech
Lucila – Spanish
Lucilla – Ancient Roman & Italian
Lucille – French
Lucinda – Portuguese
Lucja – Polish
Luzia – German & Portuguese

Which is your favorite variation of Lucy?
I’ve always liked Lucia, but I think Luzia is pretty cool too!

A Latin name meaning “olive tree”. Oliver is currently #73 in the United States.

A few variations of Oliver include:
Álvaro – Portuguese & Spanish
Olaf – Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, & Polish
Olav – Danish & Norwegian
Olavi – Finish
Olavo – Portuguese
Olivér – Hungarian
Olivier – Dutch & French
Oliviero – Italian
Oliwier – Polish
Olof – Swedish
Olov – Swedish
Oluf – Danish

Which is your favorite variation of Oliver?
Oliver takes the cake for me, but I think Olivér and Olivier are also quite handsome.

A Latin name, Monica is currently #434 in the United States and means “advisor”. I have quite a few friends with this name.

A few variations of Monica include:
Mona – Danish, Norwegian, & Swedish
Mònica – Catalan & Spanish
Monika – Croatian, Czech, Danish, German, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, & Swedish
Mónika – Hungarian
Monique – French

Which is your favorite variation of Monica?
After looking at Monika with a “k”, I feel like substituting the “c” for a “k” gives the name a fresh feel.

An English and Biblical name, Stephen stems from the Greek name Stephanos. Stephen is currently #228 in the United States and means “a crown, garland”. The spelling Steven is actually more popular at #112.

A few variations of Stephen include:
Esteban or Estavan – Spanish
Étienne – French
Stefan – Bulgarian, Danish, German, Norwegian, Polish, & Swedish
Stefano – Italian
Steffan – Welsh & Swedish
Stepan – Russian
Stephanos – Ancient Greek & Biblical Greek

Which is your favorite variation of Stephen?
I have to say, there is something romantic to me about Stefano.

Pixie dust & happiness to you!
~ Meagan