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Cool Names from the Tory Burch line


Tory Burch is a popular American designer.  Recently, I was walking through a Tory Burch boutique, and I found myself paying special attention to the names she used for her shoes and handbags – shocking, I know ;).  Here are a few cool names from Tory Burch’s line.

Reva – Tory named her iconic line of ballerina flats Reva, after her mother.  Reva has both Hebrew and Hindi roots.  The Sanskrit meaning is “one that moves”, it is also the name of Hindu goddess.

Miller – A popular surname that would make for a cool first name.  In addition to being a surname, Miller is also an occupational name meaning “grinder of grain”.

Frances – Frances has Latin origins meaning “french man or freeman”. With the recent boost of old timey nicknames for girls, I can easily see the name Frances come back into fashion.  It lends itself easily to Franny, Francie, and Frankie.

Quinn – A stylish, unisex, anglicized Irish surname, meaning “descendant of Conn”.  Quinn is currently #118 for girls, and #356 for boys in the U.S.

Minnie – Minnie is an adorable name that is derived from names like Wilhelmina and Minerva, though it can work as a nickname for many names. Actor Minnie Driver’s first name is actually Amelia.

Caroline – A beautiful, French feminine for of the name Charles, meaning “free man”. Caroline easily works on a woman of any age.  Plus there are multiple nickname options, such as Carrie or Carly.

Robinson – Tory’s maiden name is Robinson. Traditionally a surname, Robinson could very well join the ranks of “son” surnames begin used as first names. Robinson has English roots, meaning “son of Robin”.

Marion – A French form of the name Mary, meaning “bitter”.  Marion has been used by men and women. Screen legend John Wayne’s birth name was Marion.

Tory has three sons; Henry, Sawyer, and Nick.

Happy Shopping!