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Lovable Underused L Names for Boys


L is a wonderful letter for names with lots of variety to choose from.  The Top L names for boys right now are Liam at Number 2, Logan at Number 14, Lucas at Number 16, Levi at Number 42, and Lincoln at Number 66. Though many of the popular L names for boys are on my own personal list, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some equally awesome lesser used L names!

Landry can and is being used for both sexes.  I put it on our boys list here today because it gives me a hearty, handsome, cowboy feel.  Landry is a French surname meaning ruler, currently ranked at Number 858. Landry may remind you of Tom Landry the legendary Dallas Cowboys coach.

Literary parents will instantly think of writer Langston Hughes.  Langston is an Old English surname meaning long stone ranking at Number 691. Langston just entered the Top 1,000 for the first time in 2013 and has been steadily rising ever since.

Laszlo comes from a Hungarian name meaning glorious ruler.  Saint László was an eleventh century Hungarian king. Laszlo has the smooth trending ‘o’ ending and easily lends itself to the cool nickname Laz.  Only 23 boys were given the name Laszlo last year.

Everyone loves and Irish name! Leary is an Irish surname meaning calf herder. Leary was the name of several Irish kings and may also remind you of writer and producer Dennis Leary.  Leary is so rarely used as a first name that less than 5 boys were named Leary last year.

Ledger is another great surname name derived from a Norman name meaning tribe or spear.  The late actor Heath Ledger is a strong association to this name.  Another name with a cool cowboy vibe, Ledger was used by 157 boys last year.

I discovered the name Lemuel through my friend and fellow baby name enthusiast Alena (you can find her on YouTube: AlenaJIngle).  Lemuel is a Hebrew name meaning devoted to God. A wonderful underused Biblical name, only 72 boys were named Lemuel last year.

Lev is a wonderful alternative to the much more popular Levi.  Lev has both Hebrew and Russian origins meaning heart or lion. Actress Candace Cameron has a son named Lev. Last year 136 baby boys were given the first name Lev.

Lowell comes from a French nickname meaning wolf. I first noticed the name Lowell while watching the TV show Wings.  Lowell peaked in 1934 when it reached spot Number 148. Only 45 baby boys were named Lowell last year.

Ludo is one of those names that I think would be more used if more people knew about it.  Ludo has the loveable “Lu” sound like the more popular names Luca, Lucas, and Luke.  Ludo is a short form of the name Ludovic meaning famous ruler.  Seven boys were named Ludovic last year, but less than 5 were named Ludo.

Lysander is one of my favorite alternatives to the classic Alexander.  Lysander is a Greek name meaning liberator.  Lovers of Shakespeare will recognize Lysander as one of the characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Only 34 little boys were named Lysander last year.

What are your favorite underused L names for boys?

10 Great Underused Names!


Name hunting is one of my favorite sports.  I’m always scanning movie credits and magazine pages on the lookout for a great little name gem. Can we just have a moment to marinate on the fact that in 2013 five baby boys were named Rambo. There were also eight baby girls named… wait for it… Babygirl. Sigh.

21,075 girls were named Sophia and 18,090 boys were named Noah in 2013 . Here are 10 usable names that are underused in the U.S.

Coralie is a delightful little French name, meaning “coral”.  Only 58 babies were named Coralie last year.  I suspect that Coralie is a name-lover’s name, it ranked #235 on Nameberry.com.  Much more popular in French speaking countries, Coralie has a soft, feminine, melodic flow.

If you like the G sound in Griffin or Gavin, then you might consider the underused Gareth.  A Welsh name, meaning “gentle”, only 51 boys were given the name Gareth last year.  I feel like people would easily be able to spell and say this name, making it uncommon but very usable.

Daria may remind you, as it does me, of the late 90’s MTV cartoon.  A lively little name that was only given to 84 girls last year. Daria comes from the name Darius, meaning “to posses well”.  I’m surprised hipsters who watched the show Daria haven’t given this name more use!

Rafferty is definitely my favorite name on this list to say.  I love a good, hearty, Irish name and Rafferty definitely fits that bill. An anglicized version of an Irish surname, Rafferty means “flood tide”, and was only given to 12 boys last year.

Helene is to chic and has an understated glamor.  A French variant of the Greek name Helen, meaning “bright, shining”, Helene was given to 41 girls last year.  Maybe Helene is just too old but not quite old enough to be a vintage comeback.

Here I go again with another fabulous, yet underused Irish boys name! Kiernan is a surname name, meaning “little dark one”, that only 33 boys received last year.  A great alternative to the similar sounding Kieran, I love the repeating N sound.

With the popularity of the name Jordan, I’m always surprised that Jordana isn’t more utilized.  A Hebrew name, meaning “flowing down”, only 50 girls received this name last year.  A beautiful bearer of this name is actress Jordana Brewster.

Part Old Hollywood (Clark Gable) and part Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables), this name delivers a lot of vintage charm! 14 boys were given this name last year.  Gable is a French name with a distinctive sound, meaning “triangular feature in architecture”, fit for a dashing leading man.

Fans of the Shaytard family on YouTube will recognize this name, that of the eldest Butler daughter, Avia. A wonderful alternative to Ava, only 66 girls were named Avia last year.  Avia may come from the name Abijah, meaning “my father is Yahweh”, or Avis, meaning “bird”.  Either way it’s a lovely name with a familiar sound.

I love “Max” names.  Maxfield makes for a less expected Max name and was only given to 10 boys last year. Maxfield feels at home with the surname trend.  It’s an English name, meaning “Mac’s field”.

Please check out my friend Aléna’s facebook page Unusual But Usable Names, for more underused name gems!

Happy name hunting!