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Word to you baby – Juicy Word Names


Word names as given names are popping up all over! There are all sorts of word names – virtue names, nature names, seasonal names, color names, and more! Today I made a video on my personal favorite word names (watch at the end of this post), but there are so many juicy word names out there!

Some of these names may be better suited for the middle name spot or a character.  Then again I went to school with girls named Sunset, Echo, and October, so what ‘s considered brave for one isn’t brave for all. Here are 7 unexpected word names:

Alchemy was a science used in the Middle Ages. A word name with a bit of mystery and magic to it.  A cool choice for a New Age parent or a lover of the book The Alchemist.

Bliss means, “extreme happiness”. A lovely name with a virtuous vibe. Bliss would be a fresh alternative to names like Joy or Grace. Ellen Page played a character named Bliss in the 2009 roller derby movie Whip It.

The surnames Daley and Daly share the same sound but feel a bit less quirky than Daily. Daily means an occurrence done everyday. There are many popular two syllable names that end in the “lee” sound, which make this name feel a bit more familiar.

Harvest feels very grounded and like a Puritan name to me. The Harvest is the time or season of gathering. Harvest would make a neat name choice for a baby born in the fall or on Thanksgiving. It would also be a great way to honor someone named Harvey.

I’m always surprised that Peace isn’t used more often. Peace means contentment, a great meaning to a word name that would make a fabulous middle name for a boy or a girl. Peace is pretty cool in other languages to – think Pax or Paz.

Relic sounds a bit like a movie hero to me. I could see this name on a future Indiana Jones type character. A relic is an object or artifact with historic or sentimental value.

Timber is wood prepared for carpentry. It’s also a saying used to warn lumberjacks of falling trees. As a name, Timber has a bit of a whimsical sound.

My personal favorite word names:

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